Partnership Perpetuity

At Leder Mode we are committed to building lasting mutually beneficial partnerships; partnerships that are founded on the basis of integrity and trust.

Our goal is to create a hassle free environment for organisations wishing to find a partner to provide safety footwear for their employees. We focus on ensuring quality, durability and an unparallel level of service while removing the complexities and stresses that our partners may find when trying to achieve the utmost occupational safety.

Our vision and service mantra is to create Safety Footwear and School Shoes Programs that provide access to well crafted long-lasting shoes in various retail locations and Shoe Stores in the Caribbean region. We aim to provide our business customers with dedicated, professional and knowledgeable staff who are equipped and ready to serve you and your employees safety needs.

With over 30 years of experience making work boots and shoes, Leder Mode Limited Shoes continues to be a trusted source for high quality, safety footwear with the fit, features and services your employees require.

We have done the ground work and have earned our reputation for quality and durability. Let us work with you to maintain that partnership as we have proven ourselves capable over the decades.

We invite you to meet with us to discuss how we can collaborate while we offer you the advantage of our high-volume discounts on our safety footwear and school shoes.


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